Picton Town Hall Farmers Market

Rooted in Community, Growing Together

The Picton Town Hall Farmers’ Market is a community-focused market that provides access to locally produced and grown products while supporting local growers and producers in ways that encourage ecological and community sustainability.

Our Community Values

Community-Centric and Resilient Approach: Prioritizing the needs of Prince Edward County residents and fostering local resilience, we ensure the market remains a vital resource for fresh, local produce that enhances well-being.

Cultural and Culinary Harmony: Embracing our cultural history while adding new traditions, we celebrate the diverse flavours and traditions of Prince Edward County, fostering a vibrant blend of old and new within our community.

Environmental Stewardship: Dedicated to sustainability, we champion eco-friendly practices to preserve the unique agricultural landscape of Prince Edward County, ensuring a greener, healthier future for generations to come.

Quality Commitment: We uphold a standard of excellence, curating a market that prioritizes high-quality, locally sourced products. From fresh produce to artisanal goods, our commitment to quality enhances the overall market experience for residents.